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Independent test organisation

FORCE Technology is a company with a uniquely practical determination to help you get advanced technologies working exactly as intended, and bring them to market quickly and efficiently.

SenseLab is a department within FORCE Technology focusing on subjective testing in the domains of audio, haptic/tactile, and visual stimuli. In testing of audio quality we apply both well-known test types from various standards, as well as novel methods from the field of sensory evaluation. SenseLab’s domain experience includes (but is not limited to):

Evaluation of speech/audio codec, noise suppression technologies, telecommunication systems, hearing aids, watermarking technologies, spatial sound systems etc.
Evaluation of Environmental noise and Noise annoyance
Evaluation and optimization of Product Sound Quality

International profile

SenseLab is at the heart of a dynamic, innovative working environment, sharing knowledge and insights with some of the world’s leading experts in acoustics, external noise, psychoacoustics, micro acoustics, optics, lighting and microelectronics.

SenseLab is also a member of the European Sensory Network. This gives us an international network of serious and recognized collaborating partners, as well as access to laboratories across the world. Through our close corporation with industry leaders and universities SenseLab continuously contributes to the academic development in the field of perceptual audio evaluation.

We have exceptional experience in the field of perceptual evaluation and provide services to a range of cutting-edge national and international companies.

Who we are

Søren Vase Legarth
Head of department, SenseLab
+45 43 25 14 10
Nick Zacharov
Senior Acoustic and Sensory Technologist
+358 44 555 4933
Torben Holm Pedersen
Senior Technology Specialist
+45 43 25 10 17

Tore Stegenborg-Andersen
+45 43 25 13 74
Christer P. Volk
+45 43 25 04 38


DELTA and FORCE Technology have merged and are now one of Scandinavia’s largest technological consultancy companies. The merger means that our Danish and international customers have easier access to a wide range of unique competencies, services, and facilities.

We continue to deliver high quality and technology-based expert services to our customers.

For more information about our services and facilities – Visit FORCE Technology.

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