SenseLab Expert panel

SenseLab’s services include our highly skilled and maintained expert assessor panel (ISO 8586-2), as well as access to larger groups of consumers (also hearing impaired). Through our network and professional collaborations we offer the possibility of conducting international studies in multiple languages if needed.

We acknowledge that listeners are one of our key sources in providing our clients with reliable data and that the feedback they give is crucial in the R&D process.

Our measuring tools

Continuous training, good motivation, and a high level of activity is key to good panel performance

In working with sensory evaluation you need two types of panel, an expert panel and a consumer panel. At SenseLab, we hold both types of panel.

Our expert panel is the backbone of our sensory work. We have carefully selected and trained the highly-skilled panellists who provide us with objective measurements within the sensory modalities of hearing, vision and touch.

The SenseLab Expert Panel currently consists of »30 highly motivated assessors, who have been screened using a range of detection and physical tests.

Panel performance

We continually survey our assessors\’ performance, making sure that we live up to high standards in delivering good and objective data sets.

By surveying the assessors\’ performance, we are able to hand pick those whose skills match a specific type of task or sensory modality.

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