Web application for listening tests

SenseLabOnline is a web application that functions as a complete listening test facility. SenseLabOnline handles all steps included in performing a best-practise listening test:

Experimental setup and randomisation
Presentation of test stimuli and gathering of data
Automatic statistical analysis
Access to external expert listening panels or consumers

Once you have registered as a user of SenseLabOnline you can sign in and build a range of standard compliant, as well as custom listening tests.


In-house tool

SenseLabOnline will serve as an in-house tool for facilitating listening test.

Because the system is built to run in a browser, you can distribute a listening test across physical locations – even to departments in other countries. All data transformation is done in Secure Socket Layer (SSL), and the application is approved with industry standard code signing certificates. Currently SenseLabOnline serves a number of clients within:

Audio coding
Hearing aid industry
Automotive industry
Consumer products (product sound quality)
Sound/audio branding agencies
Building acoustics


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