Available test types

SenseLabOnline offers a number of listening test in our online service

Adapted sensory evaluation methods in SenseLabOnline

Virtually any type of listening test can be performed using SenseLabOnline. When you register as a client you will get a start package that includes the following test types:

  • ITU-R BS.1116-3
  • ITU-R BS.1534-2 (MUSHRA)
  • ITU-T P.835
  • Triangle test (ISO 4120)
  • Pairwise comparison (ISO 5495)
  • ABX/Duo-trio test (ISO 10399)
  • Multiple Stimulus Comparison Rating
  • Adapted sensory evaluation methodologies (attribute testing)
  • Music in Noise (MiN)
  • Ideal Profile Method (IPM)
  • Annoyance test
  • Suitability test

Advanced or custom tests

If you are interested in more advanced test types or custom versions of known methodologies this is easily achievable. Just contact the SenseLab team with your specifications and you will have a template ready (with complete statistical module) within 24 hours.

In SenseLabOnline you can test an unlimited number of systems (codecs, algorithms, etc.) in 16 different conditions (e.g. background noise scenarios, SNR etc.) with 24 different samples (source material). However, we always recommend staying within the normal recommendations regarding test duration to avoid listener fatigue.

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