Haptic/tactile tests

Gaining valuable information about the tactile/haptic characteristics of your product

Tactile/haptic stimuli are perceived through the sense of touch and can, when done right, contribute to giving a product “the right feel”. There has been an increase in focus on the importance of tactile/haptic characteristics in this research area of product perception.

In cases where the end-user touches a product for e.g. accessing operational features, the tactile/haptic features communicate a variety of aspects regarding the overall product quality.

At FORCE Technology SenseLab we apply a range of methods from sensory evaluation to the area of assessing tactile/haptic aspects of a given product. This provides us with the opportunity to gain knowledge about which tactile/haptic sensory characteristics are perceived as being important by the end-user – valuable information that can be applied in improving products.

If you are interested in learning more about your product’s tactile/haptic characteristics please contact us for an informal discussion.

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