Listening tests

Perceptual audio evaluation and sound quality

SenseLab is highly qualified in the field of doing listening tests, starting from setting up and analysing data from different standardised and custom-made listening tests through to development of perceptual models.

SenseLab’s domain experience includes:

  • Speech/audio codecs, noise suppression technologies, and tele-communication systems
  • Hearing aids, headphones, and other personal audio systems
  • Speaker systems and spatial sound reproduction
  • Watermarking technologies
  • Product sound quality and alarm signals
  • Low frequency sound, loudness, annoyance etc.

Standard test types

SenseLab offers standard compliant, fast-turn-around listening tests according to a number of recommendations. This includes (but is not limited to)

ITU-T P.800 series, ITU-T P.835

ITU-R BS.1534 (MUSHRA), ITU-R BS.1116

Various applied sensory methodologies (attribute based test types, flash profiling methods etc.)

International consumer studies

SenseLab has been accepted as a member of the European Sensory Network. This gives us an international network of collaborating partners and access to laboratories across Europe.

Listening tests of audio products

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